Ken Swift (USA)

Ken Swift is one of the greatest influences on b-boying and is credited with establishing movements that are critical to the dance's foundation.  He is a true pioneer who is recognized worldwide for his continued contributions throughout the past 30 plus years to the promotion, education, and preservation of the art form.  He is an original member of the world-renowned Rock Steady Crew, which is the first group of b-boys to receive professional recognition from the media and their peers.  In 2010, he was acknowledged as an "American Master" by the National Endowment for the Arts and received an American Masterpieces in Dance Award.  Most recently in 2011, he was voted the 2nd Most Influential Dancer of the 20th Century by CNN’s Icon Series.  He has been featured and interviewed as an expert in over seventy film and documentary projects as well as hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and books.

Artist's events


Just Jam Intl Battles 2015


Just Jam Intl 2015: Jam N Juice: Hip Hop Theatre Night


Breakin' Convention at the Apollo Theatre Harlem