P-T 3000 featuring Demons of the Mind (USA)

P-T 3000: The city of San Francisco, California USA has a rich history of having a high concentration of dance groups that performed "Strutting-Style" dance routines for both individuals and groups.

Lonnie "PopTart" Green is considered one of the most popular African-American dance teacher's in his ommunity through The Wajumbe African and African-American Arts and Culture Center, located at 762 fulton st. (@ Webster St.) He conducted and co-ordinated Spring 1996 dance classes. Lonnie "PopTart" Green's stage experience extends from blazing the stage with Vanity of Prince's female Soul/Pop music group Vanity 6, to Hip-Hop's one and only teacher KRS-ONE, to name a few.

To date, Lonnie "PopTart" Green stands as San Francisco's Strutting lead man. His first teacher was his cousin, 3D KID, of the 1975 San Francisco Strutting group BAM BAM Inc.  The year 1976 would be his official starting date as a "Strutter".  His first talent show was in the 5th grade in San Francisco CA in 1978.  The following is just to name a few showcases ranging from 70,000 in attendance, to 1-on-1 private sessions, teaching all styles and covering many areas.  His experience in performing at live events is extensive.  

Events include the Inauguration Day in San Francisco, California USA, dated the 8th of January 1996, featuring San Francisco's own musician, Carlos Santana. Other events include the sold out Oakland A's vs L.A. Dodger's baseball game (Year/Season?); Sold out University of Pacific vs UCLA Football Game in 1979.  Sold out Sugar Hill Gang concert (Bill Graham auditorium).  His has experience as a Dancer/Choreographer in over 23 music videos; to name a few: Digital Underground, Rappin 4 Tay and MC Hammer.

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