HIGHER LEARNING: What's Your Story?

Whats your Story?

An introduction to dramaturgy for hip hop theatre makers.

This one day workshop is a collaboration with Jonzi D (Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director) and Jane Fallowfield (Talawa’s Literary Associate)

What you will learn on the day:

How do you identify what you want to explore? 
How do you talk about it? 
How do you develop an idea and dig deeper into it?  
How does story work? 
How can you make sure you have the right beginning, middle and end for your piece? 
How can you use text in your work?  

We will spend half a day unpacking these ideas and half a day testing them out with Talawa playwrights. This is a chance to put your learning into practise and build relationships with some of the UK’s most exciting new playwrights.  

Jane Fallowfield 
Jane is a director of new plays and Literary Associate at Talawa Theatre Company where she commissions and develops writers.  She has previously co-run workshops with Jonzi D bringing together writers and choreographers. 

Jonzi D
A dancer, spoken word artist and director, he is the foremost advocate for hip-hop theatre who has changed the profile and influenced the development of the UK British hip-hop dance and theatre scene over the last two decades.

Since 2004 Jonzi D has been Artistic Director for Breakin' Convention and has triumphed in raising the profile and giving a platform to hip-hop disciplines, which has gained worldwide recognition as being at the vanguard of the development of the art form. Through professional development projects Open Art Surgery and Back To The Lab, Jonzi has supported hundreds of hip hop dance and rap/poetry artists on their journey to creating theatre.