Birmingham Brings Breathe the Beat!

Post date: 09 August 2011
Salah - Breathe The Beat

DanceXchange, in partnership with Dancefest, Dancescape and Dudley Performing Arts, has collaborated with Breakin’ Convention favourite Salah for a new online dance concept called Breathe the Beat.

Salah has recorded five video tutorials in his style of PABE (Popping, Animation, Boogaloo, Effect) being released every three weeks on the Breathe the Beat website.

Breakin’ Convention regulars need no introduction to Salah. Quite possibly the most entertaining individual to perform, tour, and reappear during the Breakin’ Convention tour, Salah has made a name for himself both as a world class popper, breaker and artist.

The Breathe the Beat project was launched last weekend as part of the Cultural Olympiad to mark the one year countdown to the London 2012 Olympics. On board with the project are Plague’s Brooke and Roxy who will be performing at Breathe the Beat Roadshows throughout the West Midlands from April 2012.

Once the first tutorial has been released, Breathe the Beat will be launching a competition allowing anyone to upload a video to the website. The winner will get the chance to perform at one of the roadshows, and will get the chance to meet Salah.

Designed to demonstrate how he take his inspiration from the world around him, Salah has been planning this project for a while. The project will provide Salah with an online presence while he tours the world in the latest Cirque de Soleil show.

Breathe the Beat is led by DanceXchange, in partnership with regional dance agencies Dancefest, Dancescape and Dudley Performing Arts, the Outdoor Dance Programme is a substantial new project for the West Midlands. It forms a major strand of the Dancing for the Games programme, connecting people with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games through dance.

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