Breakin Convention 2012 reviews rock!

Post date: 11 June 2012
Breakin Convention 2012 reviews

Breakin' Convention reviews have hit the news racks over the past few weeks and has the critics raving across the country!

This year's London programme and UK tour featured an exceptionally strong line up, unique artists and incredible sets to make sure that we stick to our commitment of breakin' the convention of hip hop dance theatre.

Needless to say with Vagabond Crew and Clash 66 as our headline touring acts both critics and audiences were astounded by their slick moves and powerful partner work. So refreshing was their work to hip hop dance that we had to invite them back and tour them across the country for your pleasure.

The last month has been eye opening, for us and the thousands that came and saw the festival. Check it or jump to your reviews (a series of vox pops and tweets)

Breakin' News

Breakin' Convention's most valued player had to be Storyboard P: His gliding across the stage while lost in the moment left the critics wondering what they were going to say when they filed their reviews. The Guardian awarded 4/5 stars noting how Storyboard P was "Totally unclassifiable; totally watchable." (Sanjoy Roy)

See for yourself below.

At only nine years old Breakin' Convention is starting to show its maturity, and we continue to push the next generation of choreographers who too are pushing their creative envelopes. Roy continued in his review describing Botis Seva's The World In Which We Exist, whom Breakin' Convention commissioned as part of Back to the Lab with Jasmin Vardimon, "caught the spikes and tremors of a drumbeat to evoke a heart condition."

Going back even younger The Independent awarded 4 stars out of 5, noting how Buckness Personified brought "a juicy toughness to the pumping, convulsive moves" (Zoe Anderson), with Sanjoy Roy adding: "Unity UK melded explosive energy with spot-on synchronicity, while ZooNation Youth Company presented its talent in refreshingly lyrical choreography."

Big up to all the youth groups this year!

The Clement Crisp of the Financial Times gave 4/5 stars, admiring B-Boy Ata, Avant Garde Dance's 'dark energies' in Dark Matter and especially ILL-Abilities' unforgettable and inspiring performance.

BC first-timer Kaz Luckins from Birmingham was immersed in the world of hip hop the moment she entered the auditorium in her report. Maybe just a little immature (see for yourself, below) she still managed to appreciate hip hop's youth-inducing effect and had fun in the foyers which is exactly what Breakin' Convention is about: hip hop for all ages and all people with What's On Stage (4/5) notes: "encouragement to keep phones switched on and tweet throughout the show, Breaking Convention 12 really speaks to the kids!"

David Pollock in The Scotsman (4 out of 5) reiterates that point for Edinburgh, saying: "some of the most sophisticated contemporary dance set-pieces were met with either the stunned coos of mesmerised children or the wolf-whistles of teenage girls."

You review Breakin' Convention

Most importantly we can't forget the most important people's opinions: YOURS. Check out these vox pops taken outside London by WinkBall, we think they sum up our audience really well!

Plus check out these tweets from during the evening of our Breakin' Convention live stream! (You will need Javascript enabled on your browser and it may not work on mobiles - if you can't see the tweets then try here.






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