BC on your TV this summer

Post date: 29 June 2011
Breakin Convention on your TV this summer

Breakin’ Convention is proud to announce that it will be coming to your television sets for a summer of hip hop.

The action kicks off this week starting with award winning conductor Charles Hazlewood investigating modern dance in Dance! The Most Incredible Thing about Contemporary Dance on BBC 4.

Breakin’ Convention curator and host Jonzi D features as one of the interviewees talking about the emergence of hip hop dance with footage of Hilty and Bosch, Radical, Electric Boogaloos and Myo Sung.

Dance! The Most Incredible Thing about Contemporary Dance on BBC 4 at 8pm on Thursday 30 June.

One Man Walking on Channel 4

Recently Breakin’ Convention auditioned for a dance film, which is now in development. One Man Walking, a dance film short directed by Margaret Williams, will be aired on Channel 4 as part of its Street Season throughout August.

Scripted by Jonzi D with choreography by Kenrick Sandy and a soundtrack by Mikey J from Boy Blue Entertainment, One Man Walking is a dance film made for TV on a massive scale, produced by MJW Productions.

Also expect Jonzi's input on How Hip Hop Changed the World with Idris Elba, star of TV's Luther.

The broadcast dates for both Channel 4' Street Season shows has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile Breakin’ Convention Edinburgh crew Heavy Smokers are appearing on TV across Scotland on BBC Alba (you’ll need an understanding of Gaelic or subtitles enabled and a Scottish Freeview box or catch it on iPlayer).

Presenters Anne Morrison and Kevin Walker are hosting Dannsa (Scotland is Dancing), a series following around six dance groups in Scotland, from ballet to breaking.

Dannsa (Scotland is Dancing) is on BBC Alba every Monday until 18 July.

Finally, from 22 August Kenrick Sandy, Turbo and Lizzie Gough will be judging young street dance crews on Alesha's Street Dance Stars on the CBBC.

The show will feature 24 street dance crews aged between 10 and 16 that have been selected to perform in the first round of qualifiers after auditions took place across the UK.

Did we miss anyone? Have you performed at Breakin' Convention in the past and appearing on TV this summer? Let us know by leaving a comment below or posting on our Facebook wall.

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