A Clockwork Orange

Post date: 14 September 2011
A Clockwork Orange

Theatre Royal Stratford East has produced a contemporary version of A Clockwork Orange to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Anthony Burgess’ controversial novel.

In this new adaptation of A Clockwork Orange, New York University graduate Ed DuRanté captures Burgess' unique use of the English slanguage with a contemporary score composed by Stratford East associate artist Fred Carl, bringing whole new meaning to this modern classic.

The stage adaptation retains the gratuitous violence and cursing of the Stanley Kubrick movie, replaced with an all-black cast, and importantly includes the final chapter, notoriously dropped from American versions of the book, where protagonist Alex, realises his wrongdoings.

Breakin' Convention artistic director Jonzi D and Katie P has overseen movement direction for the production, set to Fred Carl's jazz-infused soundtrack.

A Clockwork Orange is now showing at Theatre Royal Stratford East from now until 1 October

Tickets are £10-22 and available online or by calling 020 8534 0310

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