Juste Debout UK returns for 2012

Post date: 27 January 2012
Juste Debout UK 2012

Juste Debout Steez, France’s biggest annual upright dance competition is returning to the UK for its second year for qualifier preliminaries in locking, popping, house, hip hop and experimental, organised by Vicki Igbokwe of Uchenna Dance Company and Clara Bajado of InDaHouse - plus Breakin' Convention will be there with our own table!

This year it comes the title of Juste Debout Steez, Steez being the name of Pioneer's latest range of boomboxes, and for those of the Gang-Starr generation, an old school word for 'style.'

You know our steez, but why is Juste Debout the biggest competition this side of spring time?

“Juste Debout Steez UK is important because it gives opportunities to dancers based in the UK to compete in and spectate an international high profile event,” says Vicki Igbokwe, co-producer of Juste Debout Steez UK. “It allows talented dancers to take part on home soil, who would otherwise have to travel outside of the UK. This is especially helpful to those dancers who simply can't afford to do this.”

Last year Turbo and Kashmir became UK champions in the house category and went to Paris to represent UK after defeating Botis and Ricardo; Brooke and Dickson qualified in popping and Spin in toprocking.

The other qualifying styles were won by French dancers who entered the UK preliminaries, and with Eurostar’s international terminal just across the road from the venue at Euston you can understand why they chanced it: This event is career making. Last year Les Twins became world champions in the hip hop category. Now they’re dancing for Beyonce.

Entrants must register themselves for Juste Debout UK online.

“Juste Debout Steez has been running for 11 years and the UK event will be two years old in 2012. This alone puts the UK in a stronger position to stand next to the dance community world wide,” Vicki continues. “It networks the UK and its dance community internationally and creates a competitive yet friendly and creative environment for dancers to connect with their international peers.”

We showed you when Breakin’ Convention went to Montpellier for Battle of the Year that Juste Debout organiser Bruce Ykanji is a big deal, sat on the judging panel on Dance Street, France's street dance battle TV show.

Yet he still makes time to battle at the UK B-Boy Championships last year, making it to the final stages against Kite and look after the Juste Debout School to teach the next generation of dancers in France.

As part of the Juste Debout Steez UK competition, workshops with the judges, Kei, P.Lock, Niako and Caleaf will be available.

Tickets for Juste Debout Steez UK can be bought at www.justedebout.co.uk

Juste Debout Steez UK takes place at Camden Centre, Euston on Saturday 25 February. For more details see our calendar listing and check out the Juste Debout UK workshops.

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