Breakin’ Convention 2019 artists

Breakin’ Convention brings the greatest hip hop dancers from around the world and around the corner - here’s a taste of who is performing in London this May…


Angyil McNeal (USA)

Representing Kansas, Missouri, Bessie Award-nominated Angyil McNeal’s rise on the battling scene has seen her winning prestigious competitions internationally, leading her to be headhunted by Red Bull Dance.


Junior & Kalli (France & Greece)

The world’s most watched b-boy of all time, known for his incredible upper body strength and gravity defying aerial moves couples with Greek popper Kalliopi Tarasidou.


Geometrie Variable (France)

Infinite angles and variables meet cause and effect from this stylistique French company exploring the popping technique of tutting with a style resembling the inner mechanics of a timepiece.


Logistx (USA)

Rising star of the Los Angeles dance scene, B-Girl Logystx of San Diego’s Underground Flow is a dancer with a refined move set beyond her years. Her command of hip hop dance styles saw her choreographing and dancing with The Lab, NBC World of Dance Season 2 Champions, in the USA.


Wewolf (USA)

A kaleidoscopic duet that stretches the limbs and the possibilities of the human body through threading with iconic contortionist B-Boy Rubberlegz with James Gregg.


Many more to be announced 7 March 2019!

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