Graffiti Artists

The writing is on the wall - this is who will be painting on the walls at Sadler's Wells this year. Catch their murals in the foyers, on the walls and in the yard.

Case (Germany)

Case aka Andreas von Chrzanowski, a founding member of the renowned Ma'Claim Crew, has been a photorealism pioneer for over two decades, primarily using the medium of spray paint to embrace the power of movement through the universality of hands.

Motifs of power and movement have played key roles in his art, inspired by his German roots, communicating his strong messages of unity and power by overlaying hands in his pieces. The overlaying "movement" conveyed in his images is not just movement of the physical body, but political movement, generally leaving final pieces without a particular context to allow the viewer to visualise the remaining story and/or emotion relative to their current situation.

Having travelled to over 20 countries he has literally left his fingerprints in each, continually leaving bits and pieces of a language understood by all - after all, a hand gesture can tell a thousand words.

Gnasher (UK)

Gnasher has been painting on and off since 1987 having gone by different names before settling on his current moniker.

He considers his art photorealistic, with subjects ranging from animals to characters. Suprisingly, he stopped painting between 1994-2009, although now it is his full time job.

Gnasher was raised in Harlow, Essex, where he used to look up to the writers KANE and FUGE, moving around before settling on Hertfordshire, where he currently resides.

His work has been published in Concrete Canvas, London Graffiti and Street Art, and was honoured in STEAM156's book, 100 UK Graffiti Artists.

Niser (UK)

Niser of the UPC & CrushProof collectives is spent his time cutting his teeth in abandoned decaying buildings along the south coast of England.

Now living the South of France he travels around Europe painting commissions for a living. 

His styles are funk 3D and Wildstyle, having picked up influences from his hometown of Brighton and travels to London before finally settling down in Carcassonne.

While his career might feel relatively short at just seven years, he has painted at events such as Meeting Of Styles, Do 1 Cancer, Festi Popular and numerous live painting events across Europe.

Teaser (UK)

Teaser is a graffiti artist based in Surrey and has been painting for just over 30 years. He started off as a bomber like most graffiti artists, but after a few run-ins with the law he went straight and only paints legal pieces now.

He has painted all over the UK, Europe, New York and Los Angeles, with work appearing in various publications over the years, building his work up through exhibitions with one of his pieces shown in the Saatchi Gallery a couple of years ago.

His trademark style is the classic Wildstyle but he also does simpler work and the odd character. He has worked with big brands like Jack Wills and others over the years, also painting large commissions both in the UK and overseas, continuing to get out and paint on a regular basis mainly with the YO Crew.