Graffiti Artists

The writing is on the wall - this is who will be painting on the walls at Sadler's Wells this year. Catch their murals in the foyers, on the walls and in the yard.



Jim Vision has a unique painting style featuring thought provoking subjects, both environmental and political.

Over the past 12 years his talent for wielding spray cans has led him to paint in Amsterdam, Berlin, LA, NYC, Argentina, Singapore, Tahiti and beyond.

His local stomping ground in East London is proof of Jim’s talent with artworks notable for their eye-catching, distinctive style adorning unexpected spots, from street corners to rooftops.

Jim is based in London, but originally hails from Barry Island in Wales. He splits his time working as art director of EndoftheLine, producing murals and videos, and as a curator, striving to push his genre through hosting creative events, exhibitions and striking new ground by setting up wall spaces for new generations of artists to paint.



NEYEC's style leans towards wildstyle as mainly a letter artist but dabbling with characters, mainly pin ups.

He has been lucky enough to paint at the in the Bronx New York and out in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, spraying more locally at The Battle of Waterloo in London and other Essex based graff jams.

He's inspired by so many artists and favourite styles change from one to another - with a personal top ten list that is always forever changing!

His only rule is to paint with people who make you laugh and ignore the politics, leave that to the government!




From abandoned buildings in Sheffield, to the streets, to the gallery, Rocket01 works internationally across Europe painting canvas work from his home studio and painting at the many street art and mural events that happen every summer.

Visually the work of Rocket01 is a dreamy, atmospheric fusion of sci-fi and surrealism, with a remarkable and watery captured light.

Underlying his work there is a strong environmental message which hints at a future of ecological ruin and the immediate need of unity between mankind and nature.



Dave Kemster, artist name Kem aka VEGAS aka ndeva started painting 1984-91 then started again in 2003 after a 12 year break.

Kem’s painting style has a very broad spectrum from photorealism, to traditional, to graffuturism, his natural letter style is very unique and is a mix from many styles all mixed together mostly freestyled on the day. He has done commissioned works for the BBC, TSB, Channel 4 Films, Microsoft, Canon, Nokia and the Duke of Bedford to name just a few and sold artwork worldwide.

NEYEC started to get into graffiti around 1986-1987 after seeing a copy of Subway Art in a book shop. Coming from a small village in Hertfordshire, he never knew there was such a scene! Joining AEROSOL KRAFT in 1987 his graffiti brother BOSS he wanted to paing everything from concrete to steel - which was short lived after getting caught!

Graffiti stayed with NEYEC until the early 1990s, then moving over to hip hop and rhyming. Running with the Essex hip hop scene for a few years he grew tired as the real element that meant something to him was graffiti, returning to it around 2006 with the name NEYEC (pronounced as the letters, N I C). Little did he know how much had changed since the days of Dulipcolour and Carplan!