You’ve seen street dance on your screens - now see it in real life. Tickets from £15.

3-6 May, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Islington

What is Breakin’ Convention?

Past performers at Breakin’ Convention have included the world-famous Les Twins (Beyonce, NBC’s World of Dance Winners) and b-boy world champions The Ruggeds (NBC World of Dance Runners Up, Justin Bieber), and has also been a platform for some of the UK’s leading dance crews you may have heard of, including Boy Blue Entertainment (Blak Whyte Gray) and ZooNation (Into the Hoods, Some Like It Hip Hop, Groove On Down the Road).

You’ve seen them on TV, now experience it up-front and in person!

Check out the line-up below to find out what crews we’re bringing in 2019.

Breakin’ Convention is where the UK’s best represent: A festival that brings together the best street dancers from around the world and around the corner.

Think Britain’s Got Talent meets the Step Up movies, but no judges or bad storylines, and unlike most festivals, it’s indoors, so no muddy fields or ruined trainers. This is hip hop, with a little bit of old school vibe and a load of new school talent.

Witness some of the greatest stars of the big screen, live.

This weekend is for those who appreciate the world’s best athletes, explosive moves and raw ideas put on stage. It’s for those who wanna see music videos come to life, and absorb hip hop culture while staying true to its roots.


Who is performing?

This is just a taster of who will be at Breakin’ Convention 2019


So this is just a show to watch dance?

No. The entire venue is taken over with live DJs, dance circles, graffiti and free activities. You can take part, or sit back and watch the action - it’s all covered by the price of your ticket.

What you saying?

Look good? We’d love to have you this year. There is so much more at happening at Breakin’ Convention.
Find out more, or book your tickets below via Sadler’s Wells Ticket Office.


Breakin’ Convention is an experience for all the family. Book your tickets now, follow us on social media or sign up for updates.