Youth Projects


Inspiring a new generation

Breakin' Convention has a range of youth projects for young people to engage with.

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Starting from Scratch

Young people take part in a four month long hip hop youth theatre project to create their own work. Guided by professional dancers, rappers and theatre creators they develop a whole production. Their work will then be showcased at Breakin' Convention's international festival of hip hop theatre.


A two day workshop exploring lyrics, song writing and art through hip hop and graffiti. Participants share their favourite lyrics, exploring their meanings and learning the lasting social effects of music, before creating their own to uplift the local community. They then work with graffiti artists to create giant murals showcasing their work for the public.

Future Elements

A six day long workshop bringing together young people aged 13-16 to learn new skills and explore their talents. These aspiring dancers, MCs, graffiti artists and music producers work intensively with professional hip hop artists to write lyrics, produce music, choreograph routines, create artwork and shoot a music video, before its shown to the public at their very own film night.