Professional Development


The evolution of hip hop theatre

One of Breakin’ Convention’s key priorities is supporting professional hip hop artists.  We are extremely passionate about providing opportunities and platforms for artists to learn, experiment and develop from.  We have several initiatives that you can engage in to progress as a dancer, performer, choreographer or theatre maker.

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Higher Learning

Higher Learning is a hip hop theatre education and development programme committed to the development of the genre. Lead by a range of industry specialists through intensive workshops, courses and educational days.

Open Art Surgery

Open Art Surgery is a one week development course for hip hop theatre artists and companies. Working alongside cutting edge mentors to create new work to be performed in front of a live audience.

Back To The Lab

Back To The Lab is a two week intensive course for experienced choreographers to explore new ways of approaching the creation of new work culminating in the development of a new piece performed in front of a live audience.