Jazz re:freshed sonic orchestra

An incredible ensemble of 15 leading jazz musicians to celebrate the 15th anniversary of both Breakin' Convention and jazz re:freshed.

Live music meets hip hop theatre as this awe inspiring collaboration sees specially commissioned work performed by artists representing some of the highlights of Breakin' Convention's long illustrious history.


The Ruggeds Netherlands

Highlight of past Breakin' Convention tours, Dutch crew The Ruggeds return once more. While they've wowed audiences and won a multitude of battles see how well they face off against a live band!  


Boy Blue Entertainment UK

The infamous East London crew led by Kenrick 'H2O' Sandy and Mikey J Asante will deliver intricate choreography and intense energy.



The Locksmiths UK

The UK's funkiest locking crew as led by Mr Ben bring their Soul Train flow to Jazz re:freshed's tracks.


Mufasa France

The ferocious Mufasa from France is bringing a "raw" energy to the stage in a solo set to a live score.



Jonzi D UK

The inimitable Breakin' Convention compere and artistic director will lead with a new piece.


Amala Dianor France | Performing Saturday and Sunday

This is the birth of 'Abstract', a dancing style that dares to be hybrid yet remains rooted in the rules and conventions of hip hop. Through their complicity and unrelenting playfulness, Amala Dianor pave the way to an abstract journey where codes and colours mingle.

BirdGang UK | Performing Sunday

A welcome return to the Breakin' Convention stage by this unique hip hop dance company. Since their premiere performance at Breakin' Convention '06, BirdGang have gone from strength to strength, developing an idiosyncratic movement style that has influenced streetdance worldwide.

Bonetics UK | Performing Saturday

Twisted, muscle sculpture. An exceptional flexible premiere from this talented contortionist.

Chad Taylor UK | Performing Sunday

The mind plays tricks on me. Is this psychosis real? Images of substance abuse and paranoia infest this piece by Manchester choreographer Chad Taylor.

Chey Jurado Spain | Performing Monday

Making his Breakin’ Convention debut. Chey performs Agua, a sensitive piece filled with gestural droplets that develop into a waterfall of b-boy fluidity.

Elsabet Yonas UK | Performing Sunday

5 women negotiate their shared experience growing up in families with absent father figures. How does this shape their purpose and intention? Beautiful, heartfelt movement translates into black girl magic.

Extreme Pushers Jamaica | Performing Saturday and Monday

Direct from the coastal paradise of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Breakin' Convention welcomes Extreme Pushers as they make their UK debut. Specialists in dancehall and creators of various new dance moves including ‘Addicted, Call-her-again, Extreme, Jook out yuh eye’ and many more.

Femme Fatale USA | Performing Saturday and Monday

Using their femininity as a strength, their technique as a weapon, and their passion as a power Marie Poppins, Lily, Sumi and Dassy make up Femme Fatale. Known for their strong abilities in popping, animation and a high level of musicality with a feminine touch. Their mix of cultures, backgrounds and individual styles is what make Femme Fatale an original, powerful female collective.

Fuse 596 UK | Performing Saturday

Funky house dance from this international group based in London. Japanese, French and UK dancers exude positive vibes and cool confidence in this collaborative piece.

House of Absolute UK | Performing Saturday

Using waacking, jazz dance and spoken word House of Absolute present Dedication to Dizzy. Inspired by the iconic trumpeter and composer Dizzy Gillespie, who was an advocate for art as activism. This piece is also dedicated to the elders of the underground UK jazz dance scene.

Jade Hackett UK | Performing Saturday and Monday

An excerpt of The Duke Joint. An enslaved African struggles with his role as servant in racist America. Using text with impassioned breaking and stark gestures. A matriarchal figure soothes in this period dance drama.

JDP UK | Performing Sunday

JDP is the first new collaborative work from Jonzi D in several years. Conceived and directed by Jonzi D and Jade Hackett.

Kloe Dean & Jared Garfield UK | Performing Sunday

Committed performances in this intense but subtle duet. Sensitive choreography establishes an abusive relationship between a man and a woman.

KR Flow UK | Performing Saturday

B-boys and brothers Shiraz and Faraz perform a humorous duet that challenges our preconceptions about dentists and what they do in their spare time.

Myself UK | Performing Monday

Kloe Dean has been making work with the all female collective Myself for 10 years and will be celebrating their anniversary at Breakin' Convention '18. Lyrical streetdance meets social commentary in this powerful ensemble piece.

Room 2 Manoeuvre UK | Performing Sunday and Monday

A Hitchcockian twist to create a world that is slightly off kilter, expect plenty of dark comedic and powerful breaking.

Salah France | Performing Monday

A living legend in the world of hip hop dance, this consummate performer is a master popper, locker, b-boy, clown and all round entertainer.

Tanaya ICE UK | Performing Saturday

An exciting young talent from East London. Fresh from the dance battle scene, Tanaya has a style that incorporates many influences including flexing, breaking and something quite undefinable.

Theo 'Godson' Oloyade UK | Performing Monday

A powerful krump piece from East London's Theo Godson Oloyade set to a break boundaries and challenge people's thoughts and perceptions.

U.M.A UK | Performing Sunday

Cause and effect is explored in this duet using popping techniques and an awesome connection between Rikoshay and Luke Lentes.

Zeljko Bozic & Miljan Nojic Slovenia | Performing Sunday and Monday

A comedic duet from Slovenian choreographer Zeljko Bozic that truly thinks outside the box as two street dancers battle with cardboard rather than on cardboard.